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Mobile & In-House Equipment Repair

Corrective Maintenance


 Clear Imaging provides Sales, 24/hr Service & Preventative Maintenance for all medical imaging systems. With a focus on the most recent advances and "state of the art" equipment from top manufactures we save you time and money on ALL your equipment needs such as, PET/CT, CT, MRI, R&F, 3D&4D Mammography and US, X-RAY and more. Clear Imaging Engineers work hard utilizing the most recent diagnostic technology married with decades of experience to make sure your facility gets the right repair, maintenance, and equipment for the job allowing you to "stay strong and image on!" The Choice is CLEAR.

Our services provide:

  • Speed: When a system is down you need an engineer onsite at a moments notice.

  • Quality: Image quality is extremely important to the radiologist and their ability to interpret, affecting the lives of patients.

  • Reliability: System “uptime” is essential for all urgent cares and hospitals. Imaging is a crucial part of the diagnosis and most times the only way of identifying trauma related injuries.

  • Comfort: PET/CT,CT, and MRI scans can be frightening or uncomfortable to some patients. Creating the proper “ambiance” for patients may determine whether or not they return to your facility or another.

  • Price: Cost effective equipment plays a key role in an imaging departments budget.

  • Customer Service: Having a service company that understands an imaging departments needs means more uptime.

  • Convenience: As most imaging departments are busy focusing on patients, our remote diagnostic monitors can alert us to live errors happening before the system even goes down. 

  • Ease of use: Systems that are user friendly require less training for newer technologies to be implemented by both new & veteran technologists.

Our service team is here to get your imaging system back up and running to the best of it's ability as quickly as possible. Our experienced, courteous, and knowledgeable staff is here to help you with any of your medical imaging equipment needs. Let us earn your business and give us a call at (346-528-6401).Never too late!



Clear Imaging

4500 Mustang Rd , Alvin TX 77511.

Tel: 346-528-6401


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